Cait Barrie strives to create timeless, beautiful pieces that celebrate the palette of colours available from nature, the art of hand weaving and small batch dyeing; and provide an alternative to 'fast fashion', 'throw away' garments and textiles.

As a strong supporter of Fair Trade, skills and development training for marginalized artisans, and preserving traditional craft; Cait Barrie also features a collection of handmade products sourced directly from artisans and cooperatives in Laos - A beloved country where she lived and worked for several years. 

'To me, there is nothing more satisfying than the feel of yarn running through my fingers on its way to become a handmade object that will adorn a body, home or wall.  I believe the real beauty in a piece of fine craft comes just as much from the origin of its raw materials, production process and care that goes into its making, as it does from the final result.  I strive to create craft that is valued not only for its design and workmanship but also for its ethical production practices, and minimal environmental footprint.  My intention with every textile I that make is that it will be loved and cherished in the same way as it was made.'